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Through the Girlies NFT project, we have been able to donate over $50,000 and collect NFT art from almost 100 female and children artists


Chloe has illustrated 5 children’s books based on her grandfather’s educational music for children (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble)


My passion has always been making art; it’s how I draw, animate, and create stories with my two bubbly characters, AVA & Ramona


Sevi has sold his physical and digitized work to collectors from North America, Europe, and Asia and has had his work featured in virtual and physical NFT galleries in Chicago, IL, and Singapore and also online publications.

Rainbow Mosho

I am an artist, author, advocate, and entrepreneur in the making


He has two sold-out collections, has traded over 2 ETH and has raised money for various charity organizations


Joseph Uzar, also known as “Joey”, is the creator of Adventures of the Potato People


EdenEden is a 12 year old American artist, and the creator of the Miss Coded collections.

Christopher Lyons

For several years, Christopher has taken part in many space-related campaigns across the globe where he advocates for space and climate education and uses his platform to “educate, advocate and to inspire change”.

Big Deebook

Arts is my passion! I spent most of the time doing art. I love to draw!