MetaDinos – The wild invasion

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Intro: Claira

Writer: RainbowMosho

When life hits you with a horrible disease like Leukaemia as young as 1½ years old, what do you do? You ROAR like a T-REX and you do all that you can to beat it. This is the triumphant life story of 8yo DeeBook, the NFT prodigy behind some mind-blowing dino art who has taken Twitter and the NFT space by storm. Born in a country boasting some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Thailand, Deebok dreams of one day seeing Dinos up close by visiting Jurassic Park. Our 1st crypto writer, Rainbow had the pleasure of interviewing him so we can all get to know the lil Dino Mastermind.

Do you have a Nickname that you call yourself? 

Yes, it’s BigDee! We are all Dees and since I’m the oldest, everyone calls me Big Dee. I have two younger brothers who are Deedej (Medium Dee) 4yo and Deechin (Little Dee) 3yo.

Who else in your family is artistic? 

My dad is very good at art and very good at sculpting, however unfortunately his business was affected by the pandemic so he now works as a taxi driver.

Which of your own pieces of art is your favourite? 

Actually, I love every piece of art I make. But since you ask, I must say that my ultimate favourite is…

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