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Intro: Claira

Writer: Jodi

The NFT space is a non-stop creative party. We caught up with the Leogami founder of @NFT_Community, the biggest NFT curating platform with over 150k followers to find out what it takes to build an NFT Community.

Leogami, what does it take to build a community in the NFT Space?

HAHA no Sleep, internet connection, and lots of passion. To build a community in the NFT Space you have to understand the evolution of the internet. This means taking the things that worked well in Web 2.0 and adapting them to web 3.0. So finding a niche, identifying the target audience, and delivering dynamic content which brings value to the community. When we started NFT_Community we wanted our niche to be focused on the artists and supporting their journey throughout the Metaverse. We created a hub where we not only celebrate their works, but we also promote interesting new projects that have collective benefits for everyone. Our team is comprised of Curators, and events management coordinators. Digital artists, in the traditional art world, film, music, TV, fashion, and even Poetry

Recently we recruited a new Head of Communications, Jodiann Johnson who will be adding her unique experience as one of the first NFT Poets on the scene. We are passionate about curating art in all its forms. We believe NFTs are the natural evolution of Fine Art; Digital artists are the new Picassos of our time and with NFT_Community it is our aim to assist their journeys in any way we can.

What is your message to the NFT Community?

Our message to the NFT community is to Believe! Believe in yourself, believe in your art, believe in your journey. We want to encourage…

Find out NFT_Community’s full message to the NFT space in our new issue by clicking here

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