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Written by Claira Soazandge

At 6yo, most kids are making sandcastles, playing with dolls, fidget spinners or pop-its. Well now, the NFT space is shaping a new wave of creative kids that are as bold as Beeple and Cyber Kong. They won’t settle for less as they demand the NFT community to know that their creations will have everyone’s heads spinning. Drum roll for… 6yo Rhea, the NFT Kid artist who together with her cool tech Uncle, Jace aka Anonamister (creator of the lemon filter on IG), they’ve created Rhea’s Rascals making her the world’s Youngest PFP creator!!! We had a whale of a time connecting with Rhea, Jace, her brother and her nan to discuss what it takes to create an eye-stopping collection.

Hi Claira, my name is Rhea, I’m 6 years old and look at this (she shows me a huge plush toy version of her Rascal) Wow Rhea that is so cool, you already have your merch. Could you please send me one? That looks so comfortable. Do you sleep with it?


What else do you like to do?

I like to draw funny characters with funny eyes.

I can see that, I love your Rascals, which one is your favourite, does it have a name?

This one, his name is The Secret Opposite Guy hahaha.

What a coincidence! That’s also my favourite Rascal, how do you make it?

I use all the different colour sharpies. I draw them on cards.

Could you teach me one day?

If you have sharpies.

Thank you, I’ll add it to my shopping list haha. So Jace, what was Rhea’s reaction when she saw her Rascals as a PFP collection?

I showed her a bunch of them and told her that we made 6,789 of them. And that people are going to be buying them on the internet as NFTs. And she looks at me then she says…

Find out how Rhea reacted to her new collection in our new issue by clicking here

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