SUPERWORLD, The Metaverse at Our Fingertips

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Written by Claira Soazandge

NFT Kids, imagine a world where your wildest dream could come true, you had super abilities and your limits were non-existent. Where would you go? What would you do and most importantly what would you build? Well, kids, our very good friend Hrish, the creator of SuperWorld, a popular virtual world, and virtual real estate platform, has come to inform you that blockchain technologies are quickly becoming a powerful engine for creators. Discovering the SuperWorld at your age will unlock endless creative possibilities. Superworld is helping real Metaverse Heroes. In 2021, they took NFT Kids mag and a group of fantastic kid artists to the biggest NFT events such as NFT NYC and Art Basel. It’s a real pleasure to have Hrish share his story with us.

What should parents know about Superworld?

As a parent myself, I am very interested in creating ways that our kids can explore, create, and really leverage their imagination in creative ways and utilizing technologies like AR VR, NFTs, AI, and the broader blockchain. What we are doing at Superworld is really bringing all of those technologies together into a virtual world that is all around us. So, the ability to create any type of content, 3D, audio, or anything you can imagine, and then place that content anywhere in the world, structured as NFTs, or as just content is what SuperWorld is able to provide. Kids who are interested in building their creativity can explore and learn from Superworld as well.

How did you come up with the concept of Superworld?

So my background is, that I previously co-founded Rogue Initiative Studios, a film, television, gaming, and virtual reality studio in Hollywood. My co-founder produced Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Series & Ghosts and my production partner is Michael Bay, the world-renown director of movies like Transformers, Armageddon, & Pearl Harbor. At SuperWorld, my co-founder, previously co-founded a gaming messaging company called X Fire and he’s also been involved in the immersive space. We’d worked together on the YouTube platform so we had a mix of experience in immersive, entertainment, and gaming. This means…

(Find out what Hrish has to reveal by checking out our 2nd issue!)

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